StarlightCosmos Galaxy Projector

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Enter the next generation of the universe. A universe of stars and galaxy's. The StarlightCosmos Galaxy Projector fills your room with breathtaking spotlights. Once the beam leaves the matrix and strikes a surface, you will be immersed in an alternate universe of constellations, crashing ocean waves, and nebulae. Bring the night sky's indoors and stargaze the outer space from the comfort of your own room. 

Transform Your World 

Our StarlightCosmos Projector's state of the art projector quality projects soothing aurora effects that creates a relaxing ambience 

Out Of This World Projection Quality 

StarlightCosmos uses out of this world projection lenses to create ultra high quality projections, to immerse you with the most breathtaking constellations and wonders of the cosmic world. 

Easy Setup 

Forum constellations in the comfort of your own home and fall asleep under the beautiful stars. Transform your living space instantly with the StarlightCosmos Galaxy Projector. An easy plug and play system to help you get setup in minutes. 

All orders are proudly shipped from our warehouse in Canada with UPS and arrives at your doorstep in 2-5 business days (USA & Canada only). 
  • StarlightCosmos Projector¬†
  • Power Adapter
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Easy Setup Instructions Manual¬†

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa L
I am obsessed

This is an amazing item. I never want to turn this off, I just love it so much! It really helps set the mood for a relaxing night and it helps me sleep quickly. It is also great for when I am hanging out with friends, listening to music, or just relaxing! I am overall super happy with the starlightcosmos projector and I definitely recommend it.

Kelly O
Super happy with this

I have been using the starlightcosmos projector 2.0 for a good month now and I love it so much! The color customizations are lovely and it is great for when you stay at home for long hours. There are also so many options to choose from and it provides good functionality.

Pamala E
The best galaxy projector ever

I have been using the amazon projector ones for a while now, but the starlightcosmos is on another level. I have been waiting for starlightcosmos to go on sale for months, and they finally have! So I took advantage of this opportunity and got one. It arrived last week and took 6 days to arrive. This is probably the best projector I have ever gotten. I am very happy with my order and I really recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful galaxy projector. The galaxy projections are just breathtaking and there are so many options! Hopefully, you guys can also get your projector when it is on sale as well!

Larissa N
I am obsessed

I just got my projector today and I am addicted! Hahaah I just can't turn this thing off. I love this so much! I really create a calming mood for relaxing. Super fun to use at night when you sleep. Really helps calm me down before bed. It is also great to use when you are hanging out with friends, or just chilling with a good book. Wonderful projector!

David L
Such a beautiful projector

This is such an amazing projector. It really adds a whole new vibe to your room. Just makes my room look so calming and beautiful. The only thing I would criticize is if they can have other laser colors other than just green.